Good morning R.C. Waters!

Today is Wednesday, September 10, 2014




Joke of the Day


Today is brown day!  There are many different shades of brown and I found some of the most interesting to be burnt umber, desert sand, Peru, rosy brown, smokey topaz and wood brown.  Wow!  Brown is a great color!  Tomorrow’s color is black and white.  


We are are officially 32 days away from the start of my favorite weekend of all - the Apple Festival!  Have you taken home any of the forms we have for the fun events at the Apple Festival?  If you are in kindergarten or 1st grade there are forms for the Royalty Court, perhaps you could be the next Johnny Appleseed or Apple Blossom and travel all around  Ohio visiting festivals and fairs.  What fun!  If you are a runner, we have forms ready for you!  Grab one for the kids mile run or if you like long distances, there is the 5K.  Attention R.C. Waters bakers!  We want you to make that favorite recipe of your’s to enter in the Apple Festival baking contest!  YUM!!  The Talent Show Committee is looking for some entertaining acts to enter the show.  I remember last spring when we had our own talent show here...I wonder if Owen will enter and play the drums, maybe Elise will sing or perhaps our twirling girls will put a baton routine together.  Remember, we have forms waiting for you!  

Make the day great R.C. Waters!