Good morning R.C. Waters!

Today is Friday, September 29, 2017




Today is a Rocket Pride Friday.  It is important to be respectful of those involved in sporting events, at school and in your community.  Consider the feelings of others before your reactions take over.  Speak to others as you want to be spoken to and show them the respect that they deserve.  You will then be respected right back.  Carry our PBIS rules with you everywhere you go - be ready, responsible and respectful.  GO ROCKETS!  


Today is the Color Run!  Wear a white shirt and old shorts or pants & shoes.  The run will start at 4:00 and you will be done no later than 5:00.  


Tonight our Mini-Cheer clinic cheerleaders will perform at the varsity football game.  Cheer loud and proud!  


Twirl clinic registration forms are due today.  Please bring your’s to the office.    


R.C. Cagetakers:  


Looking forward to next week....  Monday is National Custodial Appreciation Day.  It’s a great day to show our thanks to Mrs. Overmyer and Mr. Wilburn.  Monday also starts our Box Tops collection week. On Tuesday some staff will participate in CPI training and there will be a TIE meeting that night at 6:00.  On Thursday, October 5 our 3rd graders will meet with local government officials and after school we the staff will gather for an after school snack.  On Friday our 3rd grade friends will spend the day at the Carroll Township Fire Department for the day to learn about fire safety.  Our boxtops collection will continue next week.   GO ROCKETS!!


As we begin another beautiful day here at RCW, I will remind you to always be:

Now I will ask you to please stand tall and proud, place your right hand over your heart and say the Pledge of Allegiance with today’s leader.  After we finish with the Pledge, they will lead us in singing the Fight Song!  GO ROCKETS!