Good morning R.C. Waters!

Today is Tuesday, March 6, 2018


This week is Ohio 4H Week!  Most of you know that I am one of 4H’s biggest cheerleaders - our family loves everything about it.  4H is more than pigs and cows - there are projects about robotics, insects, cooking, scrapbooking and so much more!  I hope that you will considering joining 4H! 4H makes the best better!




R.C. Cagetakers:  


There is a TIE parent group meeting this evening beginning at 6:00.  Kids, come along - there will be someone to entertain you while your loved ones meet.


There is a new pass to buy on the DOJO cart.  “Indoor Recess with a Friend” means that when we have an indoor recess, you can choose a friend from another classroom to join you for recess.  That sounds fun!


We are only 2 days away from Dr. Seuss Night!  You don’t want to miss it or you will miss all of the fun!  Thursday night at 6:00 the doors open to an exciting evening for you and your family.  Come along!


Here’s your Dr. Seuss quote of the day - this one is from “The Lorax”


Mister!", he said with a sawdusty sneeze,

"I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees.

I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues,

And I'm asking you, sir, at the top of my lungs" –

He was very upset as he shouted and puffed –

"What's that THING you've made out of my Truffula tuft?"


PBIS Expectation of the Week:  Use Good Manners”

While you are in the cafeteria and getting your straw, napkin and silverware, using good manners is super important.  Cutting in front of someone so you can get to the table first is not polite but waiting patiently for the person in front of you is.  Help someone who needs it. Say thank you to those who help you.


Attention Girl Scouts and anyone interested in a fun day camp during Spring Break.  We have fliers here in the office for Girl Scout Spring Break Day Camp in just a few weeks.  You will have fun with crafts and games as well as explore other cultures as you “travel” around the world.  Please visit the office for a flier.


IMG 0168


Now I will ask everyone to please stand tall and proud, place your right hand over your heart and join our announcements leader in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.  After we are finished with the Pledge we will get ready for our day with the “Rocket Rumble.”     


  • Today, what are we going to be?

  • Rocket Respectful!


  • What are we going to be?

  • Rocket Responsible!


  • What are we going to be?

  • Rocket Ready!


  • Who are we?

  • We are the Rockets!