Good morning R.C. Waters!

Today is Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Many of our students received fun and fancy watches like Gizmos that can take pictures and make phone calls.  Those watches are not allowed at school and for very good reasons. They can be easily lost or stolen. If you need to call home the office will be happy to help you make a call.   These watches can be a distraction in school and we want everyone to make the choice to stay involved and pay attention to what is happening in class. Please leave Gizmos and other similar watches at home.  Thank you for your help!







Staff members, today's staff meeting has been cancelled.  


Tonight is a Marco’s Pizza Night!  Dinner can be easy and your class could win a pizza party!  WOOHOO!


Coming up on Friday is the first TIE Movie Night for this school year!  


Now I will ask everyone to please stand up tall and proud, place your right hand over your heart and join our announcements leader in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.  After we are finished with the Pledge we will get ready for our day with the “Rocket Rumble.”     


  • Today, what are we going to be?

  • Rocket Respectful!


  • What are we going to be?

  • Rocket Responsible!


  • What are we going to be?

  • Rocket Ready!


  • Who are we?

  • We are the Rockets!

Let’s have an INCREDIBLE day here at R.C. Waters!