Good morning R.C. Waters!

Today is Tuesday, March 3, 2015






It’s Healthy Tip Tuesday!  

In the spirit of Dr. Seuss week, my healthy tip for Tuesday is all about green eggs and ham.  Often a hard boiled egg will have a greenish tint to it.  The green ring around the egg yolk happens because hydrogen in the egg white combines with sulfur in the yolk. The cause is most often related to boiling the eggs too hard for too long or too much iron in the water.  The green ring is harmless and safe to eat. Ham can also have a greenish color to it and this is normal. It is caused by the way light is reflected from the fat on the surface of the meat. Wrapping the meat in airtight packages and storing it away from light will help prevent this. It is safe to eat.  There’s your healthy tip for Tuesday!  


In celebration of our upcoming Dr. Seuss Night, we will have Wacky Wednesday tomorrow!  So put together your favorite wacky outfit and wear it to school tomorrow!  


You can still bring in your gently used books tomorrow for the book exchange but tomorrow is the last day.  With your parents’ approval, you can bring in 5 books and then take 10 books home on Thursday during Dr. Seuss night.  Wow! 10 books!  


Good luck to our 3rd grade friends as they take their PARCC test this morning.  Take your time, try your best and you will do great!


Coming up on Thursday we will have spring pictures.  Please remember to bring in your picture selection sheet in by Thursday.  


Dr. Seuss night is a magical night.  Our school is tranformed into a wonderful land of imagination, creativity and reading.  You never know who you might see...the Cat in the Hat, perhaps the Grinch or Thing 1 and Thing 2 strolling through the halls of R.C. Waters.  I heard that we will have a very special opening reader - it’s Mr. Spurlock from the middle school.  Mr. Spurlock has a really cool talent - do you know what it is?  Let’s just say he’s really good at “juggling” what ever is up in the air!  Dr. Seuss night is Thursday night beginning at 6:00.  Don’t miss it!  


Today is the second day of Ohio 4H Week. 4H isn’t just about animals.  There is a wide variety of projects you can be involved with.  There is scrapbooking, cake decorating, creative writing, archery, photography, woodworking, room redecorating and more!  So much more!  Tomorrow we will talk about 4h and Cloverbud camp.  Now that’s fun!  

Make your day great R.C.Waters and good luck 3rd graders - you’ve got this!