Good morning R.C. Waters!

Today is Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Happy Tax Day!


A big R.C. Waters welcome goes out to the future students and their parents who are here for kindergarten screening today.  Enjoy your time today!  





Joke of the Day


Tomorrow is the final day to turn in your duck drop orders.  The top 4 sellers of tickets will receive a special prize.  Every duck comes with a chance to win a fun-filled summer memory and it’s a great way to help the American Cancer Society.  Duck drop 2015 is coming to an end tomorrow!  


If you would like to order an “Ivy Strong and Courageous” t-shirt, order forms should come back to the office and will go into our special purple polka dotted box.  


Tonight is Marco's Pizza Night!  Make it pizza for dinner and call the Oak Harbor Marco's to make your meal.  Please mention your classroom teacher's name and the winning class will receive a special Marco's Pizza Party.  Thanks Marco's!!


Make the day great R.C. Waters!