Good morning R.C. Waters!

Today is Friday, May 8, 2015









Yesterday afternoon a bridal shower was held for Miss McKee.  We wish her the very best of luck as she is married this summer.  Can’t wait for our Miss to be a Mrs.!


Today is the OAA celebration party for our 3rd grade friends.  Congratulations!  You have worked hard to earn this reward.  Thank you to the 3rd grade teachers and assistants!  You ALL rocked the test!  


Miss McKee’s class will be walking to Covenant Harbor today.  Enjoy your time spent there.  Remember to share lots of smiles.  




Today is Rocket Pride Friday...last week I told you that I will be sharing with you all about our 4 retirees, Mrs. Gruber, Mrs. White, Mrs. Rodenhauser and Mrs. Jensen over this month’s Fridays.  All 4 of these ladies will be honored tonight at the R.C. Waters retirement party.  I would like to start our “fabulous retirees of R.C.” series by sharing with you some pieces of Mrs. Gruber’s life.  Mrs. Gruber will be retiring at the end of our school year after a long career in education.  But something you may not know is that her first stop in college was Terra Community College in Fremont!  She received a degree there and in time she decided that she wanted to be a teacher so back to college she went.  Mrs. Gruber has taught at several schools both in our area and in other parts of Ohio.  She taught at, and was an assistant principal for, Woodmore Schools before coming to her final destination, R.C. Waters.  Mrs. Gruber has been here for 15 years. I believe I can say with great confidence that one of the greatest awards she has been involved in is the 2014 Blue Ribbon School Award.  Did you know that Mr. Gruber as well as her daughters are all teachers too?!  What a great legacy she has provided for them to follow!  Mrs. Gruber loves to read and garden and a few years ago she took up running and has participated in races with her girls.  While we will be sad to see Mrs. Gruber retire, her future is bright and full of possibilities - which is the same description she uses to describe each and every student here at R.C. Waters, bright and full of possibilities.  Congratulations Mrs. Gruber!  




Ivy’s Benefit

A benefit to help the family of 1st grader Ivy Moss will be held on Saturday May 30 at Camp Sabroske.  There will be fun games, great food and more with all of the money raised to help Ivy’s family.  





Looking forward to next week…all next week is Right to Read Week!  The theme this year is Sir Read-A-Lot. Each morning I will share a different fairy tale with you and I will ask you to guess where it comes from.  Your answers can go into the bag which will hang on my door handle.  I look forward to this!  One Tuesday there is a T.I.E. meeting at 6:00, also on that day our BLT team members will meet and the 3rd graders will begin their lifeskills lessons.  On Wednesday Mr. Spurlock and Mrs. Whitman will join our 3rd graders to talk about move up day at the Middle School.  How exciting!  Thursday is another lifeskills session in 3rd grade and German lessons for kindergartners.  On Friday 3rd graders will travel to the Middle School to see what life as a 4th grader will be all about and they will also have another lifeskills class.  Also on that day our kindergartners will be treated to a “muy bueno” session of Spanish lessons!  Pay attention kids so that your Spanish skills can be better than mine!!  



Make the day & your weekend great R.C. Waters!!