Good morning R.C. Waters!

Today is Tuesday, May 12, 2015






For our lunch buyers today remember that the menu has changed - we will be dining on pancakes and sausage.  YUM!  



Tonight there will be a T.I.E. meeting at 6:00.  There will be someone here to entertain kids if you need to come along with your loved ones.  


Our 3rd grade friends will begin their Lifeskills series today.  


BLT Team - you have a meeting today after school.


Boys Basketball camp forms are out - if you need another one please let us know.  


Relay for Life water bottles will be due next Tuesday - one week from today.  The RFL team certainly appreciates every donation made.  Thank you to those who have already donated and will be turning in your water bottles in the coming days.  Make sure your name is on the bottle so that you can earn your super hero cape!  


Zoo Pal Night is coming up on Friday.  I will talk more about this tomorrow.  Its sounds so fun!  


Continuing in our celebration of Right to Read Week, Sir Read-A-Lot, I want to welcome you to day two.   I also want to congratulate our winners from yesterday, Queen M and King Z, who have chosen to enact two new school-wide rules for today.  The King and Queen hereby proclaim that all students may chew gum today and there will be no homework for this evening!  Let it be so!  If you would like the chance to be the King or Queen, then listen carefully.  I will read to you a passage from a fairy tale.  Then you need to guess the name of the fairy tale and write it down on a piece of paper along with your name and class.  Bring your guess down to my office door and you will find a bag hanging there to hold all of the guesses.  Do this by 9 or you will miss out! Here’s is your fairy tale clue for today…


Make your day great R.C.Waters!