Good morning R.C. Waters!

Today is Wednesday, May 13, 2015






Joke of the Day




Friday evening from 5:00-9:00 is the Free Zoo Pal Night at the Toledo Zoo.  You and your family are invited to visit the 2 animals that RCW adopted this fall.  There will be lots of fun activities for you to do - you can visit the new aquarium, take a free ride on the carousel and enjoy the free-flight bird show.  There will even be free gold fish crackers for all!  That’s Friday night at the Toledo Zoo.  



In just a few minutes, our 3rd graders will meet in the gym with Mrs. Wittman and Mr. Spurlock from the Middle School.  They will be here to speak about the Middle School and Move Up Day.  Move Up Day is on Friday and is an exciting time to learn all about what 4th grade will bring.  Let’s remember to show them the great listeners and well behaved students we have here at RCW.




The Talent Show will be here before we know it and the registration forms are due on Thursday! So we need to see what you’ve got RCW - who can twirl, dance, sing, act, makes jokes, tumble, act, do a dramatic reading or whatever your unique talent may be.  If you need another form please check with the office.  


Today is the 3rd day in our Right To Read Week. Yesterday a new King and Queen were announced - congratulations to King C and Queen R.  The newly crowned royalty have chosen to provide all of their loyal subjects with an extra recess.  What a generous King and Queen they are!  



Now I will read to you the fairy tale hint for today...remember to listen carefully, write your answer down and then bring it to the brown bag which hangs on my office door.  The reading teachers will chose the winners at 9:00 am so be timely with your answers, please.  Here is today’s fairy tale clue...



Make the day great R.C. Waters!