Oak Harbor High School was very successful at the 5 County Art Show this year.  Art professors from the University of Toledo came to Oak Harbor High School on the morning of April 23 to judge this anonymous show.  A list of winners can be seen below.

2015-2016 5-County Art Show Award Winners

1st place- Tara Huffman-Ink Single Color

1st place-Georgia Hames- Ink Multicolored

1st place-Kate Tack-Scratchboard

1st place-Zach Olson- Pencil Single Color Nonobjective

1st place-Maddy Parker-Oil Pastel

1st place-Matt Hill- Sculpture Addition

1st place- Sarah Dresser- Sculpture Cast

1st place-Lydia Dupont- Metal/Adornment

1st place- Jamie Feyes-Intaglio

1st place- Hunter Liming-Wheel Thrown

1st place-Lydia Dupont- Mixed Media (Containing Ceramic Material)

1st place- Hunter Liming-Sculpture

1st place- Max Kokensparger-Computer

1st place- Regan Kaiser- Watercolor Nonobjective

1st place- Emily Rodenhauser- Watercolor Figurative

1st place- Maddy Parker- Tempera Objective

1st place- Maddy Parker- Oil Objective

1st place- Lydia Dupont- Oil Figurative

2nd place- Emily Rodenhauser- Pencil Single Color Nonobjective

2nd place- Jamie Feyes- Oil Pastel

2nd place- Brittany Watkins- Metal/Adornment

2nd place- Emily Rodenhauser- Oils Objective

3rd place-Zach Price- Ink Multicolor

3rd place- Peyton Salyers- Crafts Woods

3rd place- Lily Rodenhauser- Ceramics Sculpture

3rd place- Chelsea Jacobsen- Oils Objective

HM Kenna Owens- Ink Single Colored

HM Carolyne Croy-Ink Multicolored

HM Olivia Jensen- Cahrcoal

HM Kate Tack- Pencil single Colored Figurative
HM Jamie Feyes- Pencil Single Colored Objective
HM Tara Huffman- Prints Block
HM Hunter Liming- Ceramics Wheel Thrown
HM Brandy Lochotski- Ceramics Wheel Thrown
HM Olivia Rollins- Oils Objective

Best of Show 2D- Kat Tack

Best of Show 3D- Lydia Dupont

People’s Choice- Lydia Dupont

Port Clintons Artist’s Club Award

1st- Bo Herms- $250.00 cash prize

2nd – Levi Atwater- $150.00 cash prize

IMG 1668

IMG 1669

IMG 1649

3D Art

3D students have been busy working on ceramic projects created on the potter's wheel and/or hand built.

IMG 8692












Art Club

Members of the Oak Harbor High School have been very busy this year.  They have went to the Black Swamp Festival, made coasters for the Senior Citizen Luncheon, went on a clay field trip to Cincinatti, did glass blowing at the Toledo Museum of Art and made play props.  We are currently brainstorming for fundraiser ideas for next year.

IMG 7772 1  

Junior, Dawson Lott- Cermaic fundraiser   

IMG 8517

Junior, Jammie Feyes- Facepainting fundraiser

 IMG 1008

Sara Poiry- Glass Blowing field trip at the Toledo Museum of Art on February 4, 2016IMG 1064