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"There is, in fact, not teaching without learning.  One requires the other....Whoever teaches learns in the act of teaching, and whoever learns teaches in the act of learning."

--Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of Freedom


This department is driven to support teachers, principals, and other staff in implementing the district's curriculum and in providing engaging, rich, and relevant educational experiences for all students.


                          B-C-S Curriculum Blueprint

Below is an   outline of how curriculum responsibilities are delegated

within the   district. (August 2015)

The   standards we follow are: “Ohio’s Learning Standards,” located at:


Staff:Your point of contact for any curriculum question or concern is your Building Principal, or Guy Parmigian.

Responsibilities of Principals as Instructional Leaders (OPES Standard#2: Principals support the implementation of high-quality, standards-based instruction that results in higher levels of achievement for all students.)

  • Monitor the effectiveness of Textbooks, Workbooks, and Materials purchased with Student Fees
  • Monitor the effectiveness of Online Resources/Subscriptions; advocate for technology needs
  • Ensure that resources facilitate standards-based instruction with the assistance of the curriculum department
  • Monitor and lead staff in the development of Curriculum mapping; Pacing Guides; Assessments
  • Monitor and facilitate teacher’s use of assessment data to continually design and adapt instruction based on student needs
  • Evaluate staff needs to design high-quality professional development including grade level and department meetings/Waiver Day Activities
  • Take responsibility for the Ongoing Purchasing of Instructional Supplies or Technology
  • Monitor Lesson planning; communicate expectations for substitute folder expectations
  • Provide input on the development of EMIS Course Profiles in collaboration with the EMIS Coordinator
  • Lead discussions with teachers and take actions to improve instructional practices to meet the needs of all students
  • Ensure a smooth and seamless transition for all students between grades and/or buildings
  • Serve as district or administrative representative at all IEP meetings/Sign-off and monitor all gifted and talented WEP’s/Implement 504 Plans


Responsibilities of the Curriculum Department (Superintendent, Director of Administrative Services, Teacher Leaders, Consultants)

  • Monitor and ensure accountability for all Curriculum Development and Vertical Alignment; revise and develop curriculum policy with Board of Education
  • Analyze district-wide data and provide feedback and plans for improvement to principals and teachers
  • Align/set priorities for K-12 Professional Development/Approve Waiver Day Schedules/Coordinate Consultants
  • Monitor and ensure accountability for Data Input and Management; Monitor Data Systems and Updates (Progress Book, etc.)
  • Monitor and ensure accountability for Instructional Materials Evaluation and Selection; monitor the vertical selection of all resources
  • Coordinate Special Programs including Gifted & Talented, Federal Programs, English Language Learners, Summer Programming, Student Teachers
  • Implement State and Local Assessments in coordination with the Technology Department and Staff
  • Conduct student and staff exit surveys
  • Work with Principals and others to ensure effective transitions between buildings for all students
  • Coordinate the work of Technology, Superintendent’s Advisory, and other ad hoc Committees to meet district goals
  • B-C-S Instructional Review Schedule Revised 6.16
Driven by the Needs of Students and Teachers


Curriculum Contacts:
Dr. Guy Parmigian, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mrs. Cheryl Harder, Secretary, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: (419) 898-6210


For those teachers still needing additional hours to meet the 12-hour requirement, please refer to the Infohio website which offers a plethora of online webinars that you can view on a host of engaging topics that will enrich you.  Once you complete the webinar you are able to print a certificate for documentation purposes.  See this link:

Also check out the ODE website which offers a variety of PD:


Curriculum: Ohio's Learning Standards

Model Curriculum

Benton-Carroll-Salem Local Schools uses the Ohio's Learning Standards as the foundation of curriculum development and instructional delivery.  This ensures that written curriculum, classroom instruction, and assessments of learning all match -- an alignment that research suggests makes a powerful impact on student achievement.

Textbooks and instructional materials for B-C-S go through a curriculum-alignment process too. Committees made up of teachers, administrators, and parents participate in reviewing textbooks from various companies to determine how well they align with the standards and just as important, how well they meet the needs of our student population.

Link to Ohio's Learning Standards

Resources for Ohio's State Tests

See the link below for a variety of resources for educators that will assist in helping your students increase achievement levels.

Testing Resources: Rubrics, Practice Items, Etc.

The Ohio Dept of Education made revisions to several Ohio’s State Tests Web pages in an effort to make information more accessible to the general public, teachers, test coordinators and other administrators. The new or revised pages are:

 Ohio’s State Tests in English language arts, mathematics science and social studies. – This page provides a general overview about the tests, including their purpose, test length and who takes what test and when. 

 Content Preparation page for teachers– This link serves as a “home page” for teachers who are planning their instruction so students will acquire the knowledge and skills called for in Ohio’s Learning Standards. Teachers will find test blueprints, test specifications, sample test items, practice tests and other resources that will help them and their students get ready for the state tests. The department will continue posting resources on the pages for each content area: 

 English language arts;


Performance Level Descriptors

The Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs) are now available in the Ohio State Test Portal under the Resources tab in the Reporting Resources link.

PLDs are the link between Ohio’s Learning Standards and performance standards. They were developed by Ohio educators and other content experts to recommend the most appropriate implementation of content and skills for Ohio’s State Tests for English Language Arts and Mathematics as part of the State Test Standard Setting process. The Ohio Department of Education and the American Institutes for Research (AIR) assembled panels of Ohio stakeholders to review actual test questions to define what students should know or be able to do at each performance level. The feedback from the Ohio stakeholders during the standard setting process was compiled and analyzed to determine the cut scores to rank student performance. The Ohio stakeholder recommendations for cut scores were shared with the State Board of Education and approved at the January 2016 board meeting.

Click Here: ODE Resources for High School Tested Courses

Instructional Resources

To evaluate the quality of instructional resources and their alignment with standards, please see the link below for rubrics adopted by the Ohio Department of Education.

Instructional Materials Evaluation Rubrics- ODE

Below are links to instructional resources:

Alabama Learning Exchange--free, standards-based, vetted, and well done.

Lesson and unit examplars:[0]=146

Wide variety on Open Educational Resources--large platform

Resources aligned to standards:

Great source: Includes free resources under "Curriculum Toolbox" tab:

Great resource for Engage New York Math:

Power My Learning: Visit for thousands of the most compelling web-based digital learning activities available in an easy to find format.  The activities are aligned wtih standards.  Sign up for your own account.

OhioMeansJobsK-12 Resources  Open Educational Resources-State of Washington

Other Resources for Developing and Evaluating Curricular and Instructional Material

Ohio Department of Education’s Quality Review Rubrics and Resource Filters:

Achieve’s EQuIP Rubrics Achieve’s Open Education Resources (OER) Rubrics

Toolkit for evaluating the Alignment of Instructional and Assessment Materials(CCSSO, Achieve, SAP)

Reviewed and Rated Instructional Materials


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Learning List


Success in Six

The new Success in Six is a self-paced online learning program that shows you the latest ways to use digital resources to support one-on-one learning, blended learning, personalized learning, differentiation and a host of other student needs. INFOhio, Ohio's PreK-12 Digital Library, offers the program at no charge to all Ohio educators — teachers, librarians, tech coordinators and administrators.


Compilation of high-quality web-based tools

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